While they could not be cuter, Frenchies do have sensitive stomachs and are allergy prone. This is not a problem once you find the right food for your furry friend! With the head-spinning number of options out there, finding the right food can take some persistence. Below we share how we selected the best food for our Frenchies – this is a great place for you to start, but you’ll need to determine what works best for your unique pup.

Strike 1: Orijen didn’t work for us.

Before we bought Blu, we had been feeding our Border Collie and Teacup poodle Orijen specialty dog food. . We always try to feed our animals (dogs and cats) the best quality food we can find to keep them healthy and promote long lives. 

Since our dogs had been doing great with their health and had zero skin problems, we figured we would stick with the puppy formula from Orijen for Blu. The puppy food is listed at $80.99 for a 25lb bag. During our first two weeks with Blu, he would rarely eat his food. Worst of all, he constantly scratched himself and kept biting at his paws – it was clear that he was allergic to Orijen! It was time to try something else, so we reached out to a friend at OC French Bulldogs. He recommended trying Taste of the Wild. His Frenchies had been doing great on that food, so we figured we would give it a shot!

Strike 2: Nope, Taste of the Wild didn’t work either.

Taste of the Wild had amazing reviews on Chewy’s website and it was recommended by another breeder, so we had high hopes. Unfortunately, it had the same result for us as Orijen. We kept Blu on Taste of the Wild for about 3 weeks, but his itching got worse. It got to the point where he was starting to injure himself from all the scratching. We really wanted Taste of the Wild to work, but unfortunately, it was time to look for something else. We were beginning to learn that what works for one pup may be the wrong choice for another.

Strike 3: Trying a re-hydrated, freeze-dried, raw food diet.

We decided to search online and see what other people were recommending. We specifically found this article talking about a re-hydrated, freeze-dried, raw food diet. The Honest Kitchen, Grain Free Chicken Recipe is the #1 recommended food listed in the article. It sells for $86.23 on Chewy’s website. We kept Blu on this food for a little over 2 weeks. The scratching was going down a little, but we had to make change, because he ate this significantly less than Orijen – he clearly hated the taste. Frustrated, we contacted every breeder we knew. Many recommended Blue Buffalo and some even recommended Orijen, but I personally don’t like Blue Buffalo and I already knew the outcome with Orijen.

Advice from a Chewy dog food specialist: try a limited-ingredient formula.

Not knowing what direction to take, I picked up the phone and called Chewy’s experts for some advice. I told them my problem and they were surprised at how sensitive my Blue Frenchie was. They recommended going with a limited ingredient formula that used venison as the main protein. They explained that a limited ingredient formula is a simple diet that aims to minimize the food sensitivities some dogs have while maximizing the nutritional value they receive. Basically, it only contains the good stuff. Venison is not only the best source of protein for a dog, but it also helps with skin allergies! It finally sounded like we might have found the right food for our Frenchie.

Home run! Why we now use Zignature.

I was introduced to Zignature by Chewy and I now truly believe that Zignature is by far the best food on the market. Their entire food lineup is LIF (Limited Ingredient Formula), free of corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and chicken-based products, while also receiving at least a 97% recommendation from users. It is awesome! We bought Zignature Venison, which sells for $94.99 for a 27lb bag on Chewy’s website. Blu and the rest of our Frenchies absolutely love the food! Plates are always licked clean and the scratching has come to almost a complete stop. And as an added bonus, because of the LIF, their poop is smaller, less smelly, and when you switch to this food or switch up flavors your Frenchie won’t go through week of diarrhea – total win! To learn more about what supplements we give our Frenchies, please read Supplements, toys, and tools for your French Bulldog.