we are passionate about providing the consumer with a dog that is bred with integrity for health and beauty. Amazing bullies has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with extended education in Animal Genetics and Animal Behavioral Psychology. You will learn what to watch out for as, unfortunately, there are many people in the world trying to make a “quick buck” with less concern for the best breeding practices.

French Bulldog Breeders are not all the same.

In fact, Amazing bullies can be hired to evaluate a puppy that you might be considering to bring home from another breeder. You are choosing a loving relationship with an animal that should last more than a decade, good health prevailing.

Don’t rush into a purchase just because the puppy is cute… specially when buying blue french bulldog puppies that are for sale. Any valued dog breeder will invite you into their home so you can meet their own animals and see the environment within which the puppies were brought up.

Don’t settle for a meeting in the park. See where your puppy came from.

We loves teaching and will invite you into her home anytime just for a lesson on dogs.

She has 5 Frenchies of her own. These are her surrogate children. And she will tell you herself that she is not without having made breeding mistakes which were the impetus for her passion to not make those mistakes again and to go to school and learn EXACTLY how French Bulldog Breeders can accomplish a most ethical and sound breeding practice.

To conform to integrious breeding programs that don’t breed the same female over and over, rather giving females a year in between breedings, she works closely with other family members who are also breeders. They co own several dogs together. In an effort to avoid cross contamination of litters when possible illness presents itself,  it has been found safer to not raise two litters in one house.  Turns are taken with which litters are seen first by the public.  Amazing Bullies prides herself in the aftercare that begins at 8 weeks of age when puppies are first weaned. It is only at this time that puppies can be seen or learned about yet pups will not go to forever homes before 11-12 weeks of age.  A raw food diet, socialization and potty training are the focus of this time before babies go to their new homes. We vaccinate our dogs optimally so that they will be safe when they leave us and go home with you. A minimum of two vaccines are had before going to forever homes.  We encourages “titer testing” to verify if another 3rd or 4th vaccines are actually necessary but emphasizes caution before these results are proven. A new puppy CANNOT go out in public until it is certain to carry antibodies for the diseases we vaccinate for.  She will walk you through these details and many more before you leave with your puppy.
Our dogs are OF COURSE registered with either the AKC (American Kennel Club) registry, or else with the CKC (Continental Kennel Club).  The difference is only in name and that some of our breeding stock is imported from Russia and some of the Russian registries do not have compatible relationships with both registries. Both Kennel Clubs are in fact reliable sources of pedigree information and we do not actually have a preference ourselves other than to say they are simply “different”. Remember that what you read on-line has bias. ANYTHING can be written on-line and is never scrutinized. A word to the wise!!
We invite you to pick up the phone and just say hello and ask the questions that will help you to make an educated decision.