Buying a French Bulldog puppy will be the best decision you will ever make – hands down! They always want to be around you and show you endless love. But just like any other breed, there are a few things you should know before purchasing your first Frenchie. You probably know about their notorious wrinkles, but there are a few things on this list that may surprise you!

1. They are extremely affectionate.

Frenchies are the ultimate companion dog. While some breeds are bred for hunting or protection, Frenchies were originally bred to be loyal, loving companions. They love to be around their owners and other animals (especially other Frenchies!). Because of their social personality, they don’t do well if you leave them alone for long hours. If you will be gone during most of the day, strongly consider getting your furry friend a companion (preferably another Frenchie).

2. You need to clean their wrinkles.

Frenchies are known and loved for their adorable, chubby wrinkles. However, these signature wrinkles can collect moisture and bacteria if not cleaned and maintained properly. We clean our dogs’ wrinkles every morning and night using these hypo-allergenic grooming wipes.

3. You’ll go broke with all the costumes.

All dog costumes are pretty hilarious, but Frenchie costumes are to die for! If you have a Frenchie, you’re probably going to want to dress up that little pint-sized wrinkle face. A lot. Our favorites are Yoda, Harry Potter, and an adorable seal. Enjoy the laughs and be sure to give your Frenchie a special treat for his or her patient cooperation!

4. They have breathing problems.

Due to their cute, flat nose, Frenchies can have some breathing problems and don’t do well in overly hot temperatures. They may have a smaller windpipe, smaller nostrils, or an elongated soft palate that obstructs breathing in the back of their throat when they get overheated. They can definitely be outside in the yard, but keep a close eye on them during summertime and peak heat hours. A water bowl should always be available to them.

5. They are no Michael Phelps.

Because they are top heavy and muscular, Frenchies can’t swim. An easy fix is to buy them an appropriately-sized life jacket for dogs, but be sure to never leave your Frenchie unsupervised or outside for too long!

6. They are perfect for small spaces.

Because they don’t need much exercise (they will be become couch potato masters if you let them), they do very well in small homes, such as apartments, but can also thrive in any environment. Whether its a farm or a tiny townhouse, they are happy to be where their people are!

7. They shouldn’t practice being Superman.

Because they are top heavy, Frenchies’ back legs won’t develop as much muscle as their front legs. Be sure to not let them leap or jump off high couches, sofas, beds, or any tall place. We’ve yet to encounter a problem with their legs, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

8. They might eat their own poop.

Frenchies are extremely clean animals. This means if they have an accident in an enclosed space, they MIGHT eat their own poop to try to clean up their mess! This would usually be caused by leaving them in their crate for too long. If it does happen, there’s nothing too worry about here – we’ve checked with our vet. Just make sure you’re taking them out more frequently and not leaving them alone in small spaces for extended periods.

9. They have skin allergies.

Most French Bulldogs do have skin allergies, but all that means is that your kibble should be grain-free and not contain chicken-based products. These are common allergens, and keeping them out of your dog’s diet can help ensure he or she is allergy-free and happy. To learn more, read our feeding guide, which includes the foods that work for our Frenchies.

10. They don’t need much exercise.

While Frenchies do have energy and will show it in small bursts, most of the time they will be sleeping or relaxing on the couch. If you do take them out for exercise, it should done during the morning or night, when temperatures are cool and moderate. Remember, heat makes breathing difficult for this lovable, flat-nosed breed!