French Bulldogs are our passion.

At Amazing Bullies, we are dog lovers at heart. We breed and specialize in healthy, well-tempered Blue French Bulldogs, including solid blues, blue fawns, and blue tans. After falling in love with our first Frenchie Blu, we discovered what makes the breed unique—it’s color, wrinkly face with adorable Dumbo ears, and loving temperament. We also learned the importance of high-quality breeding and gained a deep understanding of bloodlines, genetic disorders, and coat DNA.

What you need to be feeding your French Bulldog

We had some struggles finding a food that our Frenchies weren't allergic to. Thanks to and some persistence, we found the right one!

Supplements, toys, and tools to keep your Frenchie healthy

Learn what supplements we give our Frenchies, as well as the bowls, chew toys, and other tools we use to give them the best quality of life.

10 things you need to know about French Bulldogs

Before you purchase your very first French Bulldog puppy from us, please take a look at these 10 things you should know about the breed before buying.

About Amazing Bullies, French Bulldogs

Who We Are
We are a family-based breeding operation that devotes much of our time, energy, and finances into our franchise in order to produce high-quality puppies. We have worked diligently throughout the years and are now proud owners of some of the most sought after pedigrees in the Frenchie world.

We are an American Kennel Club (AKC) member and state-licensed facility. We have had excellent compliance records with both organizations for over 10 years. Our indoor facility is well-maintained and fully heated and cooled for the comfort of our workers, as well as our dogs. We have a separate nursery area for the pregnant mothers and newborns. There is even a full-time assistant available 6 days a week to help us keep everything in top condition.

What We offer
Our puppies are carefully planned to create specific DNA results. We make sure to match parents together that complement one another when it comes to their build and structure. With artificial breeding, C-sections, and constant monitoring during the first two weeks of the puppies’ lives, the process can be very time-consuming. Although raising French Bulldogs is not an easy task, it’s always rewarding.

Our Delivery Method
We have puppies placed in just about every state in the U.S., along with pups that are now living in Hungary, Germany, China, Australia, and the U.K. We do not ship puppies via airline cargo. However, we do work with two airline attendants who make deliveries for us on their off days. Our dogs ride in the cabin area, usually in the laps of the ladies, and are hand-delivered to our customers. This service is offered to most all international airports for the cost of $500.

We are proud to offer references from past customers who have visited our home to pick up their puppies, along with those who have chosen the hand delivery service. All of our dogs are vet checked twice before being transported to their new homes. We even offer a one-year health guarantee on life-threatening genetic disorders.

Customers who bought a French Bulldog Puppy from us.


Santa Cruz

I just love my Boo Bear, what can I say. Can’t go wrong with this breeder. She is wonderful and easy to talk to. She follows up with you after you bring your baby home. There is no feeling of fear associated with this purchase. My Boo Bear I would have paid twice what I did for the quality I got.



Miami, FL

What a pleasant experience this was. We were so afraid about spending this kind of money and maybe not getting a good dog. Well no worries no more. We could not be happier. Gigi is the best and she is gorgious.



Salt Lake city. UT

Marika’s puppies are perfect! We wanted to handpick a special puppy that fit our family. Marika worked diligently and joyfully to find us the perfect match! We loved how selective she was at making sure we were qualified parents! Our funny puppy Violette has added so much joy to our lives.